Executive Search Procedure

Clarify Client’s Requirements 
  • Research the client’s organization to understand the facts about the company and the functional competencies required to fulfil the assignment; also the culture of the company and the key intangible ingredients that form the ideal fit between the company and the candidate.


Identify Potential Candidates
  • MERC researchers make use of our own database which holds up-to-date information on companies and candidates and industry and government sources.
  • Researchers network with key industry figures to identify companies and individuals to be contacted.
  • Approach potential candidates directly or through third-parties who are close to the candidates.


Interviewing and Psychometric Profiling
  • To hasten the selection of potential candidates, the Researcher will brief and screen potential candidates by telephone; those people whose qualifications and experience most closely match the requirements will be invited to meet our consultant at a convenient location for interview and psychometric testing.
  • In psychometric testing, subjective criteria such as ambition, drive, loyalty, personal characteristics, goal orientation, autonomy, perseverance, extroversion, are assessed, discussed and verified with the candidate.


Short-listing and Checking Candidates Credentials
  • After conducting in-depth interviews the consultant will prepare reports on the most suitable candidates, including results of psychometric profiling.
  • Once an offer has been made, the consultant will conduct detail reference checks.


Recruitment Fees
  • Our fee structure for executive search is presented in our Terms of Engagement.


Our Job Board
  • When appropriate, jobs are advertised on our website www.merc.org
  • his website enables people to monitor our Job Board wherever they are in the world.

We would be pleased to supply further information related to our executive search process or other HR Management Services,MERC Compensation Surveys andHR Consulting Services.


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