Index of milestones

 ⇒ Chevron's first Offshore Gas Field 1980

⇒ PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited(PTTEP)

⇒ Star Petroleum Refining Company Limited

⇒ Rayong Refinery Company Limited


Sourcing Technicians and Engineers for Chevron's first Offshore Gas Field 1980  

Union Oil (Chevron) 

In 1980 we (PA Consulting Services, Bangkok) were approached by the Manager of Union Oil to find technical staff for the first off-shore gas platforms in the Erawan Field. Thirty-five people were selected for the first training program, a six month intensive English language course conducted in Union Oil’s Training Center near Samila Beach in Songhkla.  

PA Management Consultants U.K. was awarded a contract to develop a training program to prepare the recruits for Gas Platform Operations. Six instructors from PA’s Oil & Gas Division, Aberdeen, Scotland designed training modules for the offshore platforms, equipment operations and maintenance, and conducted a practical training program for six months in the Union Oil Training Center in Songhkla.

The Erawan Field commenced production in August 1981.

Photographs of the graduation ceremony for the first graduates, presided over by the President of Union Oil, showing graduates wearing "PA Oil and Gas Graduate - June 1981".

 Graduation Ceremony (click on photos to enlarge)




Sourciong Thai Geologists and Petroleum graduates for PTTEP

PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP)  

In 1990 we were invited to conduct a search for senior, middle and technical managers for PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP). Candidates selected included graduates from American universities working for international companies engaged in oil exploration and production. Appointments ranged from the level of Vice President to specialist positions, including geologists. We received additional commissions as the company grew, placing 50 people. 


Sourcing Engineers and Technicians for Star Petroleum 

Star Petroleum Refining Company Limited 

In 1993 we were contacted by Caltex, USA to find staff for a new oil refinery at Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong. This was the company’s first entirely new ‘green field’ refinery in 35 years. In the first year we were supplied 30 engineers and technicians at intervals of 3 months. The new recruits were sent to train for six months in refineries at international locations. After returning to Thailand, the engineers and technicians were assigned the Rayong site office to monitor the work of contractors building the refinery. Caltex is a Chevron brand name. Star Petroleum Refining Company Limited (“SPRC”) was founded in 1992 and is now a joint venture between Chevron South Asia Holding Pte., Ltd. (64%) and PTT Public Company Limited (36%). 


Sourcing Senior Managers for Rayong Refinery 

Rayong Refinery Company Limited 

In 1994 we were contacted by The Shell Company of Thailand Limited to find senior managers for their refinery which was being built at Map Ta Phut, Rayong. The Chief of Refinery Operations, Geelong, Australia was scheduled to arrive and to interview candidates in six weeks time. We shortlisted within the six week time-fame and six people were appointed. 

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