Personality and Aptitude Evaluation

Selection increasingly calls for more objective criteria than a face-to-face interview can provide.  One answer is psychometrics, the evaluation of ability, aptitude and personality by means of tests and questionnaires.  MERC has extensive experience of applying personality and aptitude tests in assessment work.

These personality evaluation and aptitude tools have been used by our clients for screening local and expatiate candidates for many years.

In the MERC recruitment process all short-listed candidates are asked to complete personality evaluation and aptitude tools which are used for screening candidates.

The personality evaluation and aptitude tools are designed for practical use in management, employee counseling, academic counseling, and for self-development.

In assessing people for jobs, training, promotion and management development or getting people to work together efficiently, an objective measure of personal needs and preferences in job roles is a useful first step.  By making people aware of what behaviour is required and measuring his/her own feelings and perceptions, the individual can consciously develop a style of behaviour appropriate to the requirements of the job.

The advantages of personality evaluation tools are that they are:

1.  an effective feedback/discussion device

2.  work related

3.  short

4.  easy to administer, score and plot the profile

5.  designed for use by counselors, personnel managers and interviewers

All of the above services are delivered in a business environment which dictates  

an unswerving adherence to the highest ethical standards.

We provide professional help and support services to multinational and local companies.

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