Remuneration / Compensation Surveys

MERC has conducted an annual Remuneration/ Compensation Survey for Thailand since 1981.  Building on a sound basis of information and experience obtained over two decades, we have continually refined our methodology and extended the scope of our survey to address changing expectations and needs of participants.  In addition to an annual Compensation Survey for all companies, we introduced Remuneration Surveys by Industry in 1993.

Since 1981, we have provided timely forecasts of salary and benefits changes, thereby enabling companies to more precisely balance the need to control salary and benefits costs while providing sufficiently competitive salaries and benefits to retain competent staff.

The MERC 2014 Cash and Non-Cash Compensation report analyses a total of 60 companies.

Other MERC reports for 2014 participants are shown below:

  • Your Company vs. Your Industry Report

  • Terms of Employment and Fringe Benefits Report

  • Forecast end of year salary increase and bonus

  • Actual salary review for 2015 and bonus paid in 2014

The MERC 2014 All Companies/ All Industry Report on compensation analyses data within the company functions shown below:

  • Administration

  • Production and Engineering

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Information Technology

  • Human Resources Management

All of the above services are delivered in a business environment which dictates an unswerving adherence to the highest ethical standards.


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