Terms of Employment, Fringe Benefits

Terms of Employment and Fringe Benefits are analysed in a detailed report for both the Executive and Non-Executive levels.

A summary of the content is shown below:

  1. Terms and Conditions of Service covering such items as annual leave, maternity leave, special leave, probation period, normal retirement age, early retirement policy.

  2. Salary, Bonus and Other Incentive Schemes including starting salary, bonus policy, commission/incentive schemes, stock purchase/stock options schemes.

  3. Car/Transportation Benefits showing eligibility for company car and/or car allowance, frequency of replacement, maintenance allowance, gasoline reimbursement rate, car insurance, car registration, parking fee, expressway toll, company driver, private use of company car, car purchase scheme, shuttle bus service, transportation allowance.

  4. Accommodation/Housing Benefits giving details of accommodation (provided by the company) or housing/rental allowance, and house purchase schemes.

  5. Medical Benefits showing outpatient/clinical benefits (OPD) and hospitalization benefits (IPD) for employees and employees and dependants.

  6. Insurance Benefits giving details of life insurance and personal accident insurance plans.

  7. Retirement Schemes, pension plans, provident fund benefits, gratuity payments.

  8. Telephone Benefits

  9. Professional Societies

  10. Social/Recreation Clubs

  11. Entertainment Claims

  12. Emergency Loans

  13. Discount Sales

  14. Meals (excluding overtime meal allowances)

  15. Uniform/Clothing Allowance
  16. Education for Employees and Employees’ Dependants

  17. Long Service Awards

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